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I am a former United States Army Ranger, Special Forces Elite. I have served in several combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq while serving as a United States Army Green Beret and a Ranger. I know what it means to be a combat wounded Vet and still have to endure the difficult process of being taken care of and all the hardships that come with it, while constantly fighting the system. I was wounded in combat and had to be medically discharged after 17 years of dedicated service, however, I feel that I am one of the lucky and more fortunate ones and want to dedicate my time helping those that have no means to support themselves or their family, or,  just help them pay their bills and put food on the table while re-integrating back into society, regardless of what their injury is.

We all know the red tape, run-around, and requirements that turns away veterans when they need help the most. Lets not let them down. Please donate to SaveMyVet or purchase a bunch of bike raffles, so we can help the veterans in need. ┬áSome lucky person will win a one of its kind fully custom bike and all veterans in need that we can help will benefit from your donations. we don’t know them all, but we as a nation owe them all.

Thank you.


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