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Lawrence Swan

Tax Council

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I serve as SaveMyVet Tax Council. I oversee the worldwide tax planning issues, strategy, litigation, operations, and, any legislative matters for the company. I coordinates and oversees veteran related initiatives, ensuring that the company is doing all that it can in order to promote the well-being for all of the veterans and their families in need and for all of the sacrifices that they have given for our great nation.

The least we can do to show our support is to give donations to savemyvet for the veterans and families in need so that they can have a better quality of life and be able to spend it with the least amount of hardship and stress with their family and friends.

I am very proud to be part of the savemyvet team and being able to provide financial relief for what ever life altering struggle that the veteran is having directly to the veteran and his family in need. This is a brilliant idea and I do not know why it has not been done yet in this capacity.  I hope everyone that comes to this site fully reads it and sees the heart felt desires to help every veteran and families in need.


If everyone that sees this site donates, then, there will be a lot of financial relief to the veterans and families in need


Thank You Very Respectfully,


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